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Youth Group

The Youth Group, under the direction of Mme. Gina Farnell, will meet in the Manse on January 31st during the regular Sunday School time.


100th Birthday – Isabel MacCartney

On Saturday, January 30th, we will be celebrating Isabel’s 100th birthday in the Kildare Lounge at St. Brigid’s. This will start at 11:30 and run until 13:30. If you are coming, we would like you to being one or two flowers, which will be assembled into a community bouquet to be presented to Isabel at an appropriate time. The family asked that we do not bring presents, but a card would be appreciated.
See you there!

January 24

A few weeks ago, many members of Facebook had the following as their status lines: Please put this on your status if you know someone (or are related to someone) who has AUTISM. My wish for 2010 is that people will understand that autism is not a disease; people with autism are not looking for for a cure but for ACCEPTANCE …… 93% won’t Copy and Paste this; will YOU make this your status for at least one hour? The idea was to make people aware of autism as a permanent condition, and to let people know that this cannot be cured, but must be accepted by those of us who are not autistic. Most of us, by now, do know people who are autistic, or who have autistic children, and we have come to some understanding of the condition, even though nobody seems to know why some people are affected by it and others aren’t. Continue reading ‘January 24’

January 2010
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